Instagram 21 Days Challenge \ Public Experiment


Countdown Timer is Ticking | Let's Play

So, here I have taken public challenge cum public experiment to post 21 days of Instagram Post.

Agenda : To gain 10K Followers without shitposting rather adding value post.

The posts will be well researched and mostly from my real life and best part is any one take action on it.

I intend to cover these topics

  1. Productivity
  2. Instagram Hacks
  3. Workflow autoamations
  4. Performance Marketing
  5. Behind the Scenes
  6. Trends and News

If you are not following me please consider following me @subhajitnomad

I will not go super niche as it will be unfair to other audience who might not understand.

Please support me by

  1. Saving the Posts
  2. Sharing the posts
  3. Liking the post
  4. Commenting 

Ofcourse goes without saying the posts will super helpful and action oriented.

Here I am adding a public calendar. You are welcome to add your comments for any particular topics.

I am using a Project management called Infinity. 

You can get a free trial for 3 days.

I will document everything in the infinity app, day to day, every strategy that I have used and its effect.

You can also add comment to request a new thing/ or add your own tips that’s working.

Let’s crack this game together as a community.